Sunday, June 14, 2009

Her Body Language said it all

Her body langauge said it all as we waited for her plane. Her eyes everywhere but on me. It was as if I had annoyed her somehow. I could feel a sense, almost of repulsion coming off her. Arms crossed. Tension. I wanted so much just to touch her, feel the warmth of her body close to me, but I didnt dare try to move nearer. You just know when you know.
So this was it. The end.
I sighed and looked around the room at the empty faces, It was time to be alone again. Looking back I found she was looking at me, I looked into her eyes for something, but there was nothing. No reprieve. It was just pointless to stay here any longer.
'Look I am gonna go' I said
'ok' she replied with a smile of some kind
'Have a good flight' I said
'Sure' she replied nodding, she wasnt even trying.
Two weeks ago this girl couldnt get enough of me now she couldnt wait for me to go. I'd never understand what had happened here. There was nothing I could find to explain it. It seemed so strange, so cold for no reason. I guessed it was just something she did. There was no point asking further. I had tried to get through, but. There was just always going to be a 'but'.
I stood up, smiled to her and walked out the sliding doors into the street.
I looked back briefly from the road, she was looking across the room at some guys waiting for a taxi.
I saw myself reflected in the window, saw the look on my face.
'Dont break your heart over it, kid' I said
A poster on the wall by the window advertised a Mickey Rourke film, The Wrestler. I looked at his washed out face and battle scarred body for a moment. Then I crossed the road and took the long way back over the park to the train.

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